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About Us

MOSSGOD Foundation is a non-profit organization providing quality professional training, learning and awareness for Sea moss and other natural herbs. The learning centre is situated in Philadelphia Mills Mall, Philadelphia, PA and sub-centre in situated in Trolley Sq, Wilmington. The MOSSGOD Organization focuses on the use of organic, plant based and living food programs, herbal medicines, benefits, side effects and proper ways of usage of Sea moss and other herbs.

The Experts team of MOSSGOD Foundation aspire to facilitate the rebirth of ancient herbalism as it was practiced in a time when people lived in more harmony with the natural environment. Natural healing is a way of life and learners are encouraged to fully dedicate themselves to the principles of actual uses of herbs. We train learners to attain the highest degree of health for themselves through the addition of Sea moss in their diets and promote its usage in the community. Our exclusive learning and leading programmes also include a future-oriented and result-driven entrepreneurship tactics by manufacturing and producing different by-products from the sea moss.
Our courses place an emphasis on the use of herbs in the tradition of herbalism and products full of natural ingredients. The curriculum is informed by the tradition of Master Herbalism which teaches using the apprenticeship model. The centre constantly provides ethical ways of using and production of different edible materials including sea moss juices, sea moss Gel, Sea moss supplements, Sea moss, Vegan treats, essentials and other by products. An extensive and constantly developing online support is central to our programme. We train people with the only aim to enable them earn a handsome income through the business of sea moss and herbal productions, and help them have a healthy life for them and their loved one. Keeping up the remarkable services, we are on the way to be recognized as an eminent non-profit organization around the globe.