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Our Core Values

Herbs grown in natural soil has numerous health benefits, Sea Moss has is one among the highly beneficial herbs when used in a proper manner. Be a part of MOSSGOD Foundation and learn everything you need about Sea Moss, its usage, production of by-products and many more!

Our mission

Our mission is to create and foster a healthy and wealthy lifestyle for our communities by promoting awareness and exclusive understanding of sea moss and other useful natural herbs. We exist to promote lifelong learning through discovery and career building in nature made herbs especially sea moss, for tangible public benefits.

Our Vision

We envision for a community where everyone could be able to generate a great income by choosing sea moss as a career, and can live a healthy life by using sea moss as a natural supplement and nutrient rich edible product. We pledge an unwavering commitment to prepare, adapt and lead our earners and the community toward achieving the goal of a prominent health, knowledge, awareness and earning source for the betterment of humanity